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The Power of Coaching for School Improvement: Nurturing Talent and Building Capacity

Author: Gary O'Mahony, Bruce Barnett, Robin Matthews

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ISBN: 9781741707571

No of Pages: 154

Publish date: 16/06/2009

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This book is part of a series of workshops on coaching conducted by the authors. They are determined to educate leaders and teachers in the concept of coaching, and this book is designed to understand and explain coaching in an educational context to promote professional learning and growth. It aims to help leaders, teachers and other educators develop a culture of coaching in their schools. It provides a conceptual way of viewing coaching and how it can contribute to improving school life, and clarifies how coaching as a form of professional learning can be applied to different contexts within schools. Resources in this series: A Climate of Mentoring (HB3038), Managing Change (HB3348), Building Culture(HB3399) and Reflective Practice (HB3046).