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How to Coach Leadership in a PLC

Author: Marc Johnson

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ISBN: 9781760560645

No of Pages: 72

Publish date: 16/02/2017

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In How to Coach
Leadership in a PLC
, author Marc Johnson details the importance of
leadership in successful PLC implementation and provides ways to expand readers’
abilities to lead at all levels. Johnson guides educators to become leaders of
learning and to build leadership capacity among their collaborative teams. If
educators remain devoted to a collaborative school culture, believe in their
students and share a clear identity, they can improve results in their

F–12 school and district administrators will

  • consider leadership actions
    that can buttress capacity building in PLCs

  • discover the big ideas and
    foundational questions that frame districtwide PLC work and the leadership
    tasks it entails

  • learn how to sustain PLCs by
    creating opportunities to lead

  • gain skills to refine PLC
    leadership roles at the district, school and collaborative team levels.