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How to Cultivate Collaboration in a PLC

Author: Thomas Many, Susan Sparks-Many

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ISBN: 9781760560652

No of Pages: 68

Publish date: 16/02/2017

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Effective collaboration can help schools overcome obstacles
and improve students’ and teachers’ results. To productively collaborate,
teacher teams must establish a framework that defines team members’ roles and
evaluates their progress. How to
Cultivate Collaboration in a PLC
helps readers develop this framework and
delves into the challenges that collaborative teams may face and the practical
steps teams can take to address them.

Using this straightforward guide, F–12 teachers and teams

  • evaluate the stages that teams
    will move through as they collaborate to reach an agreement

  • consider step-by-step processes
    they can use to cultivate effective collaboration

  • determine the responsibilities
    that different members of a collaborative school team should hold

  • consult case studies that
    illustrate the problems that teacher teams may face as they collaborate and how
    they may address them.