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How to Launch PLCs in Your District

Author: W. Richard Smith

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ISBN: 9781760561147

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Publish date: 12/05/2017

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How to Launch PLCs in Your

offers F–12 school leaders an effective approach to PLC implementation. Author
W. Richard Smith draws on his work with real school to guide readers through
four necessary, practical steps to ensure learning for all: (1) developing a
district guiding coalition and common language, (2) empowering site leadership
through staff development and training, (3) monitoring to sustain momentum and
(4) ensuring sustainability through ongoing commitment and implementation.

Using this straightforward guide, F–12 school and district
administrators will

  • discover the critical elements
    and questions of PLCs

  • create a PLC road map to guide
    understanding and develop a common language

  • review implementation stages,
    models and plans

  • explore kick-off paths to
    accelerate implementation

  • gain sample rubrics and
    monitoring protocols for evaluation.