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How to Make Decisions with Different Kinds of Student Assessment Data

Author: Susan Brookhart

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ISBN: 9781760019549

No of Pages: 140

Publish date: 26/04/2016

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In this book, best-selling author Susan M. Brookhart helps
teachers and administrators understand the critical elements and nuances of
assessment data and how that information can best be used to inform improvement
efforts in the school or district.

Readers will learn

  • what different kinds of data can – and cannot – tell us about
    student learning

  • what different analyses reveal about changes in student

  • how to interpret, use and share relevant data

  • how to create a model to go from problem to solution in a
    data-based decision-making process.

With easy-to-understand explanations, supplemented by
examples and scenarios from actual schools, this book offers a path to better
understanding, more accurate interpretation of assessment results and – most
importantly – more effective use of data to improve teaching and learning.