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How to Use Digital Tools to Support Teachers in a PLC

Author: William Ferriter

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ISBN: 9781760561918

No of Pages: 68

Publish date: 16/02/2017

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How to Use Digital Tools to
Support Teachers in a PLC
by William M. Ferriter offers readers practical, applicable tips
for infusing digital tools in their professional learning communities. F–12
teachers and administrators will explore three increasingly complex
collaborative practices that successful PLCs perform and will access digital
tools to support each practice.

Educators will

  • identify and understand the collaborative
    practices necessary for a successful PLC – sharing, cooperating and taking
    collective action

  • discover the best digital tools
    to support each collaborative practice

  • use essential digital tools to
    make the most of their PLCs time, energy and effort

  • read practical examples of
    technology use solving real-world dilemmas and supporting the need to share,
    cooperate and take collective action

  • access a continually updated
    list of tools and services that support the PLC strategies described in this