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I'm Not Just Gifted: Social-Emotional Curriculum for Guiding Gifted Children

Author: Christine Fonseca

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ISBN: 9781760019372

No of Pages: 202

Publish date: 01/03/2016

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What does it means to be a successful person? What traits and
characteristics define successful people? Why do gifted children, in
particular, need a strong effective curriculum in order to maximise their
potential? These questions and more are explored in this guide to helping
gifted children in Years 4–7 as they navigate the complicated social and
emotional aspects of their lives.

This curriculum is designed to help gifted children explore their
giftedness, develop resiliency, manage their intensities, face adversities and
tough situations, and cultivate their talents and passions. Including lesson
plans, worksheets and connection to Common Core State Standards, I’m Not Just Gifted is the practical
guide necessary for anyone serving and working with gifted children.