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Identifying & Addressing Development-Behavioral Problems: A Practical Guide for Medical and Non-Medical Professionals, Trainees, Researchers and Advocates

Author: Frances Page Glascoe, Kevin P Marks, Jennifer K Poon, Michelle M Macias

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ISBN: 9781760019822

No of Pages: 582

Publish date: 18/02/2016

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This indispensible textbook supports life-long learning throughout
medical and nursing school, into post-graduate training, residency and
fellowships, precepting and community practice; and from there, into research
and advocacy. Authors tackle the most onerous challenges in primary care: How
to actually implement quality developmental-behavioural care in busy clinics.

The books comes with access to a website offering downloadable,
customisable tools for learning and teaching (e.g. observation forms, a
detailed list of milestones, pre-/post-tests for assessing learning), as well
as tools for community practice (e.g. a list of evidence-based screening and
surveillance measures, well-child visit encounter forms embracing health as
well as developmental-behavioural care, two-way consent forms, live links to
services, etc.). The many website offerings facilitate instruction and aid
practising clinicians in complying with American Academy of Pediatrics’ policy
– all within the time constraints of primary care.

Chapters include:

  • Background
    and Rationale for Developmental-Behavioral Screening and Surveillance

  • Collaborating
    with Families and Delivering Difficult News

  • Working
    with Bilingual/Dual Language Learners, School-Aged Children, Families At-Risk
    and Other Unique Populations

  • Implementation
    Strategies for Primary Care Clinics

  • National and International Models for Prevention, Early
    Detection, Intervention and Collaboration

  • Test
    Construction, Translations, Research and Advocacy

  • Evidence-Based,
    Age-Specific Encounter Forms for Preventative Health Visits

  • How
    to Train and Measure Skills in Developmental-Behavioral Pediatrics

Identifying and Addressing
Developmental-Behavioral Problems
is a practical and essential handbook for all those interested in
improving the development and well-being of children and their families.