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I've Got it! Advanced Maths Skills: Easy-to-use Assessments to Show Proof of Mastery

Author: Marjorie Frank, Jill Norris

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ISBN: 9781760562397

No of Pages: 98

Publish date: 09/03/2018

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book in the I’ve Got It! series is
based on a list of 35 skills that represent mastery of a particular subject
matter for middle years students. I’ve
Got It! Advanced Maths Skills
provides reproducible activities to assess
students’ mastery of advanced maths skills. The tasks, each just a single page,
begin with a basic knowledge question and move to higher-level questions that
require students to apply the skill and think critically. Progress charts help students to easily track their current understanding, and
indicate where more instruction is required. Teachers can use the activities
for formative assessment, as pre- and post-tests, quick check-ups or
standardised test prep. Summative worksheets allow students to integrate their
new-found skills.

Among other tasks, students will be encouraged to:


  • Recognise and define numbers and number

  • Compare and order numbers.

  • Factor expressions

  • Solve multi-step equations.

  • Solve equations with more than one

  • Identify and graph linear equations.