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Taming of the Team: How Great Teams Work Together

Author: Jack Berckemeyer

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ISBN: 9781760562489

No of Pages: 176

Publish date: 23/08/2018

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Who else but Jack would compare a team of teachers to a group of
unruly circus lions? He starts with downright true stories of the need for
cracking the whip to tame his prime performers. And with sharp wit, he steps
into the centre ring and shines the spotlight on the practical details of
building the consummate teaching team.

Jack brings a unique blend of humour, expertise, experience,
surprise and straight talk to share clear strategies for how to tame the team. You’ll laugh, catch your breath and nod your
head as you learn how to:

  • create a team, nurture unity and resolve
    conflicts (yes to making joint
    decisions, no to devouring dissenters)

  • quit wasting team time; plan and conduct
    meetings where teachers really get something done (yes to eating snacks, no
    to correcting work and making phone calls)

  • set and keep consistent expectations for

  • keep the focus of teamwork squarely where
    it belongs: on kids, curriculum and professional development

  • use his dynamic 3-5-3 action plan for
    improving student behaviour

  • connect curriculum, instruction and
    calendar schedules.

The comical but so-true asides and anecdotes will keep you
hungering for the next chapter.