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Inquire: A Guide to 21st Century Learning (Set of 25)

Author: Chris Erickson, Janae Sebranek, Robert King

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ISBN: HB1534

Publish date: 26/09/2011

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Inquire is a complete learning guide, covering 21st century skills, traditional study skills, the inquiry process and project-based instruction. It is best used as an across-the-curriculum handbook, helping students with all aspects of their thinking and learning.

Inquire can also be used as the main resource in a study-skills course or in inquiry-based and project-based programs.

Inquire includes three main parts:

  1. Building 21st Century Skills covers the key skills, from critical thinking to communicating to preparing for tests.

  2. Using the Inquiry Process provides a step-by-step guide to thoughtful learning through questioning, researching and presenting.

  3. Developing Projects offers a wide variety of exciting project ideas.

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