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Infusing Technology in the K-5 Classroom: A Guide to Meeting Today’s Academic Standards

Author: Valerie Morrison, Stephanie Novak, Tim Vanderwerff

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ISBN: 9781760940362

No of Pages: 278

Publish date: 26/09/2019

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Perhaps your district provides current technology development for staff on a regular basis and has instructional coaches to help teachers infuse technology into curriculum to meet various academic standards. In reality, most districts don’t have this kind of support. In this book (the first in a two-book series), you’ll learn how to shift your instructional practice and leverage technology to meet today’s curriculum standards for grades K–5. This book doesn’t cover every K–5 national standard, but identifies the standards with a technology component and provides resources and lessons to help you teach those standards effectively.

The book features:

  • A breakdown of K–5 academic standards with technology

  • Resource lists with recommended digital tools for the K–5 classroom

  • Practical ideas for teaching with technology.

By implementing these strategies, you’ll help students become self-directed and critical readers, writers and thinkers so they’re better prepared for the future.