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Kim Campbell


Kim is founder and coordinator of a highly-successful after-school program called Students on Academic Rise (S. O. A. R.) developed to address the achievement gap. Her first book, S. O. A. R: A Handbook for Closing the Achievement Gap, is a manual for helping other school districts replicate this program that transports students to higher academic performance, self-awareness, self-esteem and individual responsibility.

Described by more than one observer as “a force of nature, “ what makes Kim run? “It's about building strong, positive relationships, having high expectations and creating lessons that are relevant, engaging and fun. I feel lucky every day to have chosen education as my lifelong career. There is no place I would rather be than to be working with middle school students.”

Kim is the co-author of SOAR: A Handbook for Closing the Achievement Gap, a guide for replicating the success of her revolutionary after-school program for disadvantaged students, and author of If You Can't Manage Them, You Can't Teach Them. She is in the process of completing her third book.After twenty-three years of teaching, Kim says that she still loves it. Learn Kim's tips and techniques to look forward to every day as she translates theory into best practices with a trove of personal experience. Kim's direct and engaging style flavored with heart and humor make her a favorite with teachers, administrators and students alike.