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Larry Ainsworth


Larry Ainsworth is executive director of professional development. He travels nationally and internationally to assist school systems in implementing best practices related to standards, assessment, and accountability across all grades and content areas. With 24 years of experience as an upper elementary and middle school classroom teacher in demographically diverse schools, Larry brings a varied background and wide range of professional experiences to each of his presentations. He has held numerous leadership roles within school districts, including mentor teacher and K–12 math committee cochair, and has served as a mathematics assessment consultant in several San Diego County school districts.

Larry has delivered keynote addresses across North America and in Latin America, most notably for the US Department of Education, Argentina’s ESSARP organization, New York Department of Education, and Connecticut Department of Education. He has also presented at national and regional conferences throughout the country. He has written numerous books, including Rigorous Curriculum Design, “Unwrapping” the Standards, Power Standards, Common Formative Assessments, Student Generated Rubrics, and Five Easy Steps to a Balanced Math Program.

Larry holds a master of science in educational administration.