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Leading School Improvement: A Framework for Action

Author: Joseph Murphy

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ISBN: 9781760016609

No of Pages: 110

Publish date: 04/02/2016

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What does it mean to lead in a learning environment, as opposed to
a system of knowledge transmission? A community, as opposed to a bureaucracy? A
customer-oriented organisation, as opposed to a public monopoly? To create
truly powerful learning environments, school leaders must focus the lens on
leadership, school improvement and leadership for school improvement.

In Leading School
Improvement: A Framework for Action
, author Joseph Murphy pulls together 14
practitioner-based articles to present a cohesive narrative about the unique
and critical role that leadership plays in school improvement. Murphy clearly
identifies key factors that shape the future of any school and explains the
work that leaders must do to ramp up academic press and foster a supportive
culture for school improvement.

He goes on to unpack the concept of leadership practice, focusing
on principles and values that define excellence in leadership in schools.
Personal characteristics and virtues, such as persistence, passion, courage and
integrity, count more than behavioural descriptors, he argues, and meaningful,
productive leadership cannot take place without them. This book guides today’s
school leaders toward that ever-essential goal.