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Learning How to Learn Through Homework (eBook)

Author: Wilma Vialle, Albert Ziegler, Heidrun Stoeger

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Self-management, as the term suggests, builds on self-awareness and entails control of one’s emotions and actions. Persistence, resilience, goal-directedness and taking responsibility for one’s learning are just some of the characteristics involved in self-management or self-regulation. Self-regulated learning sits squarely within the ‘Personal and Social Capability’ of the new Australian National Curriculum and should be embedded across all learning levels. 

Learning How to Learn Through Homework presents a program focused on teaching young people how to study and learn. The program’s central element is teaching individuals how to be effective at self-regulated learning. In this context, learning strategies and mathematics subject matter effect positive long-term changes in the areas of motivation and self-confidence. The program’s ability to achieve these effects has been documented by accompanying studies conducted according to rigorous standards of scientific inquiry. 

The training program can be carried out both by teachers during instruction or by parents at home. Learning How to Learn Through Homework is appropriate for younger children in gifted education, as well as for children in middle primary years and those students with remedial mathematical needs.