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Less Is More: Teaching Literature with Short Texts - Grades 6-12

Author: Kimberly Hill Campbell

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ISBN: 9781760016708

No of Pages: 220

Publish date: 06/11/2015

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English teachers want all of their students to love literature and
embrace the novels they assign. The classroom reality is that many students are
not ready or motivated to immerse themselves in an entire novel. In order to
reach and engage all students, teachers needs to look beyond novels alone and
embrace a richer variety of literature.

In Less Is More,
Kimberly Hill Campbell draws on research as well as her own classroom
experiences to show how short texts engage a wide range of middle years and
secondary school students. She shares her discovery of the power of short texts
to support her students’ skills as readers, writers and students of literature.

Kimberly shows how short texts can be integrated into the
curriculum without sacrificing required novels. Chapters examine different
genres of short text, such as short stories, essays, memoir and graphic novels.

Each chapter provides reading, writing and response strategies as
well as a broad selection of short text resources that have proven effective
with a wide range of students.