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Light and Colour: I Wonder Why (F-6)

Author: Lawrence Lowery

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ISBN: 9781760019143

No of Pages: 36

Publish date: 08/03/2016

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This full-colour, illustrated story book unfolds as a series of observations about light, including where it comes from, how it bounces off people and objects, and what we mean when we say the colours of a rainbow are the colours in light.

Throughout the text, informal experiments prompt young scientists to learn by doing, and impressionistic drawings bring the mysteries of light and colour to life. By the book's end, students will have a useful foundation to learn about energy, wavelengths and the electromagnetic spectrum.

Light and Colour is part of the I Wonder Why book series, and written to ignite the curiosity of children in years F-6 while encouraging them to become avid readers.

The I Wonder Why series is a set of science books created specifically for young learners who are in their first years of school. The content for each book was chosen to be appropriate for youngsters who are beginning to construct knowledge of the world around them. These youngsters ask questions. They want to know about things. They are more curious than they will be when they are a decade older. Research shows that science is students' favourite subject when they enter school for the first time.

These books explore the marvels of light, colour, machines, sound and other phenomena related to physical science. Included in each volume is a Parent/Teacher Handbook with coordinating activities. The I Wonder Why series is written by an award-winning science educator. After completing a science activity, rereading or referring back to the book and talking about connections with the activity can be a deepening experience that stabilises the learning as a long-term memory.