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Mark Barnes


Mark Barnes is a 20-year classroom teacher and creator of the Results Only Learning Environment (ROLE), a progressive, student-centered classroom that eliminates all traditional teaching methods, including grades. While transforming his classroom into a ROLE, Barnes has also revolutionized K–12 web-based instruction by bringing private student websites into his classroom—an extension of school into cyberspace.

Barnes has developed five online courses on digital strategies for educators, taught through two accredited colleges in Ohio. A popular speaker and presenter, Barnes is also a Discovery Education Network Star Educator, honored for his work in education technology.

Barnes is the creator of the website Learnitin5.com — a library of videos that demonstrate how to use virtually any Web 2.0 and social media application in the classroom. Barnes's classroom website, www.barnesclass.com, was recognized in 2011 by Indiana University's School of Education as one of the top 10 K–12 classroom websites in the United States.