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Maryann Wickett


"I became a teacher because children fascinate me. To have the
privilege and challenge of working with children as a career is the
best," says Maryann.

Maryann is a practicing public school classroom teacher with over
thirty-six years of experience teaching grades pre-K-6. She has also
taught college preservice mathematics methods courses, led numerous
inservices in mathematics across the United States, and spoken at
various mathematics conferences at the local, state, and national
levels. She was the recipient of the 1996 Presidential Award for
Excellence in Mathematics Teaching. Maryann has published numerous
articles in NCTM's Teaching Children Mathematics and, more recently, sat
on the editorial panel of the journal.

Maryann believes that ongoing professional development through
face-to-face inservice, electronic professional development, and
professional resources such as journals and books is critical to the
quality of education a teacher can provide to students. "Good
professional development allows teachers to reflect thoughtfully on
practices, evaluate what is working or not working, and make appropriate
changes based on what is learned in professional development," she