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Contemporary Perspectives on Literacy: Mastering Digital Literacy

Author: Heidi Hayes Jacobs, Michael Fisher, Bill Sheskey, Silvia Rosenthal Tolisano, Steve Hargadon, Marie Alcock

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ISBN: 9781760011277

No of Pages: 134

Publish date: 30/07/2014

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Schools must prepare 21st century students to compete in a global society – a world in which cultures, economies and people are continuously connected. It is the job of the 21st century educator to make sure students are equipped to meet this challenge. In the Contemporary Perspectives on Literacy series, editor Heidi Hayes Jacobs and a team of authors from around the globe explore the three new literacies – global literacy, media literacy and digital literacy. 

Mastering Digital Literacy explores the wealth of digital tools, applications and technologies that extend learning far beyond the classroom walls. This book strongly makes the case for modernising our students’ learning environment – and shows how to do it.

Using this book, F–12 educators will learn how to 

  • successfully
    merge digital media with traditional instruction,

  • select
    video games and align them to unit plans,

  • build
    a class website and populate it with educational features, and

  • create
    a social network for students.

The Contemporary Perspectives on Literacy series is the ideal resource for any modern educator. Using Mastering Digital Literacy with the three other titles in this series – Leading the New LiteraciesMastering Global Literacy and Mastering Media Literacy – teachers will be expertly equipped to design instruction in the 21st century classroom.