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Maths in Plain English: Literacy Strategies for the Mathematics Classroom

Author: Amy Benjamin

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ISBN: 9781743300091

No of Pages: 140

Publish date: 15/03/2012

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Do word problems and maths vocabulary confuse students in your mathematics classes? Do simple keywords like "value" and "portion" seem to mislead them? Many words that students already know can have a different meaning in mathematics. To grasp that difference, students need to connect English literacy skills to maths. Successful students speak, read, write and listen to each other so they can understand, retain and apply mathematics concepts.

Maths in Plain English explains how to use 10 classroom-ready literacy strategies in concert with your mathematics instruction to help your students’ succeed in the mathematics classroom. You’ll learn how to develop students who are able to explain to themselves – and communicate to others – what problems mean and how to attack them.

Embedding these strategies in your instruction will help your students gain the literacy skills to not only help them in the mathematics classroom, but overall. You’ll discover the best answer to their question, "When am I ever going to use this?" This book is the perfect companion for maths teachers of all levels, whether new or experienced, to make maths accessible for their students