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Mike Anderson


Mike Anderson has been an educator for more
than 20 years. An elementary school teacher for 15
years, he has also taught preschool and university
graduate-level classes. He spent many years as a presenter,
consultant, author and developer for Northeast
Foundation for Children, a non-profit organisation
dedicated to helping create safe, joyful and challenging
classrooms and schools.

In 2004 Mike was awarded
a national Milken Educator Award, and in 2005 he was
a finalist for New Hampshire Teacher of the Year.
Now, as an education consultant, Mike works with schools in rural, urban and suburban settings across the United States. He has also taught workshops
and presented at conferences in Canada and Mexico. Mike supports teachers
and schools on a wide variety of topics: embedding choice in everyday learning,
blending social-emotional and academic teaching, using respectful and
effective discipline strategies, staying healthy and balanced as an educator,
and many more.