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Modern Curriculum for Gifted and Advanced Academic Students

Author: Todd Kettler

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ISBN: 9781742397429

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Publish date: 10/02/2016

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Modern Curriculum for Gifted and Advanced
Academic Students

addresses the need for advanced curriculum design in an age of national
standards and 21st-century learning innovations.

The text and its authors work from the assumption that the most
advanced learners need a qualitatively different design of learning experiences
in order to develop their potential into outstanding achievement, answering the
question, “How should we design learning experiences for our most advanced
academic students in the foundational curriculum areas?”

This book provides the most contemporary thinking about how to
design in-depth courses of study in the foundational curriculum areas with a
high degree of complexity and advanced content.

The book includes chapters articulating specific design components
like creative thinking, critical thinking and authentic research, but also
subject-specific chapters in mathematics, English, science and humanities and
social sciences to demonstrate application of those design components.