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Coaching for Significant and Sustained Change in the Classroom

Author: Tom Roy

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ISBN: 9781760569716

No of Pages: 140

Publish date: 21/10/2019

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This constantly changing world makes it difficult for educators to keep their skills sharp. Fortunately, coaching can effectively support teachers in improving their instructional practices. In Coaching for Significant and Sustained Change in the Classroom, author Tom Roy offers a defined coaching model that guides coaches in activating meaningful change and developing teachers’ skills. In addition to providing essential strategies and tools for communicating and working with teachers, this book leads K–12 instructional coaches and school leaders through the process of building strong coaching programs to support teachers in their schools.

Readers will:

  • Understand the changes in instructional practices necessary to improve student learning and combat the challenges teachers face

  • Learn what successful coaching looks like and why coaching is the solution to achieving effective professional development in the classroom

  • Study the five steps of the coaching cycle and explore time-proven coaching methods and strategies

  • Review the characteristics of successful coaching programs and measure the effectiveness of their programs

  • Receive tools and forms to guide reflection and respond to professional development needs.