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National Educational Technology Standards For Administrators, Second Edition

Author: NETS Project

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ISBN: 9781743306123

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Publish date: 06/09/2012

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First released in 2001 by the Technology Standards for School Administrators Collaborative, the NETS for Administrators (NETS•A) introduced indicators of what school and district leaders should know and be able to do to optimise the effective use of ICT in education.

Hawker Brownlow Education is proud to present the refreshed NETS•A, a consensus among educational stakeholders of what best indicates accomplished school leadership for comprehensive and effective use of ICT in schools. In addition to profiles and scenarios for superintendents and executive cabinet, program directors, and principals, this new edition adds profiles and a scenario for technology directors. Also included in this booklet are the refreshed NETS•S and NETS•T as well as advice on adapting the refreshed NETS•A for global use.