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PEDS DM Complete Kit

Author: Frances Page Glascoe, Nicholas Robertshaw

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Publish date: 17/09/2009

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Only 30% of children with disabilities or delays are detected by their health care provider. Why? Most providers rely on informal milestones checklists. These approaches are the equivalent of putting a hand to a forehead to measure for a fever. Parents’ Evaluation of Developmental Status (PEDS): Developmental Milestones (DM) offers highly accurate, valid developmental-behavioural screening and surveillance tools. PEDS DM assesses fine motor, gross motor, expressive language, receptive language, self-help and social-emotional development in children from birth to seven years and eleven months of age. This is a quick and easy questionnaire that can be completed by parents and the results assessed by the GP or nurse practitioner. These results will indicate any need for early intervention in the child’s development. Comprising the PEDS DM Professionals’ Manual, Family Book, Assessment Level Booklets, Recording Forms and Parent Response Forms, this kit includes everything professionals need to assess children’s development and advise parents. Kit includes: • PEDS DM Family Book (PED894X) • PEDS DM Professionals’ Manual (PED8958) • PEDS DM Recording Forms and Score/Interpretation Form (Set of 100) (PED8000)