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PEDS DM Professional's Manual

Author: Frances Page Glascoe, Nicholas Robertshaw

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Code: PED8958

ISBN: 9781741708950

No of Pages: 142

Publish date: 26/08/2009

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The Parents Evaluation of Developmental Status: Developmental Milestones, Professionals' Manual is the complete guide to administering and learning from results obtained via the PEDS:DM, a highly accurate and statistically valid developmental-behavioural screening and surveillance tool. The Professionals' Manual is more than just a guide to the application of PEDS:DM. It goes beyond administration to give suggestions about interpreting results derived from the measure itself; discusses how to give feedback to the families of those screened; and provides examples of ways the PEDS:DM can be incorporated into a wider process of screening in a variety of settings.

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