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Performance Assessment Quick Reference Guide

Author: Susan Brookhart

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ISBN: 9781742397375

No of Pages: 8

Publish date: 17/05/2016

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Teachers need to know not only what students know, but also what they can do. They need to be able to quickly gauge how well students can use their knowledge. Based on Susan M. Brookhart's popular new book, Performance Assessment: Showing What Students Know and Can Do, this laminated eight-page quick reference guide gives teachers at-a-glance information on learning outcomes that are well suited to performance assessment and incorporating performance assessment into instructional planning. It also provides practical tips for designing and selecting rubric templates and performance assessment tasks and shows teachers how to use performance assessment for formative and summative purposes.

This quick reference guide is
designed to be used as a supplement for Performance Assessment: Showing What Students Know and Can Do (LSM6081), assisting you in applying the ideas
presented in the text to a classroom setting.

Number of Pages: 8