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Inspiring Innovation and Creativity in Young Learners: Transforming STEAM Education for Pre-K-Grade 3

Author: Allison Bemiss

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ISBN: 9781760940706

No of Pages: 146

Publish date: 12/12/2019

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When we imagine young children becoming the innovators of the future, we envision them conducting science experiments to cure diseases, writing the next great novel or creating a revolutionary digital tool that brings the world together. But how do we help our youngest learners bridge the gap from play-based learning to innovation?

This book shares six easy-to-understand, yet powerful steps that teachers can take to transform the learning experience into one in which critical and creative thinking are encouraged. It features specific strategies, organisers, thinking starters (or curiosity catchphrases) and STEAM mini-lessons that can be used by teachers and other educational stakeholders to promote innovative thinking in children from preschool to Year 3. Topics of innovation addressed in this book include growth mindset, building empathy, making inferences, curiosity, developing meaningful connections with previous learning, self-reflection and revision.