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SIGS Examiners Manual: Scales for Identifying Gifted Students

Author: Gail Ryser, Kathleen McConnell

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ISBN: 9781760564469

No of Pages: 52

Publish date: 08/03/2018

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The Scales for Identifying Gifted Students (SIGS) Examiner’s Manual contains all the information the examiner needs to administer, score and interpret the results of the Home Rating Scale, School Rating Scale and Summary forms. Information relating to the standardisation, reliability and validity of the SIGS can also be found within the manual. 

The SIGS was normed on a total sample of more than 3600 students (1721 normal students and 1884 gifted students). Norms are provided for both samples. As such, SIGS offers schools an observational scale with the largest, most diverse norming sample and statistical support of any gifted identification observational instrument available. 

Because the SIGS offers the most advanced and comprehensive statistical support of any observational identification instrument in the field, it should be a part of every school’s comprehensive approach to identifying gifted children.