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From Giftedness to Gifted Education: Reflecting Theory in Practice

Author: Jonathan A. Plucker, Anne N. Rinn, Matthew C. Makel

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ISBN: 9781760566869

No of Pages: 380

Publish date: 16/05/2018

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Gifted education and talent development have numerous theories and conceptions for how to identify and serve students

From Giftedness to Gifted Education helps introduce and apply these ideas to help reflect theory in practice. Each chapter introduces readers to a different theory by providing definitions of key concepts, explaining the fundamental conceptual/theoretical approach, and concluding with advice on how the conception can be put into practice. Suggestions for further reading are also provided. Some chapters are based on theories that have been around for decades, and some have been developed more recently. But all chapters focus on helping empower readers to understand and take action without having to reinvent the wheel. 

About the editors: Jonathan A. Plucker is the inaugural Julian C. Stanley Professor of Talent Development at John Hopkins University. Anne N. Rinn is an Associate Professor of Educational Psychology at the University of North Texas. Matthew C. Makel is the Director of Research for the Duke University Talent Identification Program.