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Fostering Creativity in Gifted Students (The Practical Strategies Series in Gifted Education)

Author: Bonnie Cramond

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ISBN: 9781760569259

No of Pages: 52

Publish date: 10/12/2018

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The Practical Strategies Series in Gifted Education is a unique series of monographs authored by the foremost authorities in the field of gifted education. Each entry in the series focuses on a pertinent topic and offers teachers, counsellors, administrators, parents, and other interested parties up-to-date instructional techniques and information.

Encouraging creative thinking in the classroom is an exciting component of any effective gifted education program. This guide offers the basic foundations required for supporting creativity. From establishing the right classroom environment, to using creative teaching strategies, to assessing student outcomes, this book is filled with practical information. The book also includes a listing of competitive contests and programs, and an extensive list of resources.