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Jacob's Ladder Student Workbook: Year 4, Poetry, 2nd Edition (Set of 5)

Author: Center For Gifted Education

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No of Pages: 32

Publish date: 13/12/2018

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The Jacob's Ladder Gifted Reading Comprehension Program targets reading comprehension skills in high-ability learners by moving students through an inquiry process from basic understanding to critical analyses of texts. Students in Year 4 will learn to comprehend and analyse any reading passage after completing the poetry activities in Jacob's Ladder, Year 4 (2nd ed.). Students read high-interest passages, then complete skill ladders connected to the readings to move them from concrete thinking skills to higher-order, critical-thinking skills. The ladders include multiple skills necessary for academic success, such as sequencing, determining cause and effect, classifying, inferencing and recognising main ideas. This set contains five copies of the Student Workbook.