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Engineer This! 10 Amazing Projects for Young Mechanical Engineers

Author: Carol McBride, Francisco L Gonzales

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ISBN: 9781760019723

No of Pages: 146

Publish date: 28/03/2019

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Turn rubbish into invention and sharpen your engineering eye with these 10 hands-on engineering projects. Using recycled and easy-to-find materials, engineer your own motor car, catapult, glider and other completely functional machines. Explore amazing scientific concepts, such as potential, kinetic and electrical energy; principles of flight; weights and balances; pulleys and levers; laws of motion; and more.

The Australian Curriculum introduces STEM concepts through the Science, Technologies, Mathematics, and Design and Technologies learning areas and the general capabilities. The activities presented in Engineer This! 10 Amazing Projects for Young Mechanical Engineers address many of the Processes and Production Skills content descriptions from the Design and Technologies learning area curriculum, and encourage primary students to engage in assessing materials, building products, evaluating designs and problem-solving.

Each project includes step-by-step instructions, full-colour photos, exciting facts, safety tips and extended engineering and science activities for further discovery, making it the ideal resource for introducing engineering concepts to students ages 9 to 12.