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Redesigning Schooling: Student impact in the redesigned school

Author: Tom Middlehurst

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ISBN: 9781760015121

No of Pages: 36

Publish date: 20/04/2015

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Of all the stakeholder groups in education, children are the most important. At the heart of the Redesigning Schooling series is a focus on how students are supported and empowered in schools to have an impact of their own, and their peer’s learning. 

This booklet charts the journey of student voice and student leadership towards a more complete and encompassing term: student impact. It provides the theory behind this development, and shares practical examples of how schools are changing attitudes to learning be involving students in the redesign of schooling. It ends by reiterating the potentially deep and far-reaching impacts that can be achieved through engaging students meaningfully in all aspects of school life. 

Redesigning Schooling is a series of booklets that challenges schools to improve practice and innovate for change in every aspect of the system. The six-part series is designed to help identify the big questions in education, look at lessons from other systems and shape the debate on how we can make our education system world class. 

With Redesigning Schooling, educators are urged to consider best practice in six areas of schooling: teaching and learning; student impact; parental engagement; curriculum design; assessment design; and collaboration between schools. The ideas and approaches put forward in the series can be adopted at an individual or school level. In each book, educators are encouraged to make choices based on the courage of their convictions about what is right for their learners and to spread their ideas across their networks and beyond.