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Rick Stiggins


Rick Stiggins, PhD, is a consultant who helps teachers and school leaders understand how to use the assessment process and its results to benefit (not merely monitor) student learning. His focus in on the use of student-involved assessment to maximize student confidence, motivation, and learning. He embraces multimedia, collaborative, and hands-on ways for teachers to become competent, confident classroom assessors.

Dr. Stiggins has served on the faculties of Michigan State University, the University of Minnesota, and Lewis & Clark College in Portland, Oregon, as well as on the research and development staffs of ACT and the Northwest Regional Educational Laboratory.

Dr. Stiggins is author or coauthor of several books and videos, including Classroom Assessment FOR Student Learning, Assessment FOR Learning, Evaluating Assessment Quality.

Dr. Stiggins believes that while classroom assessment certainly can and should serve accountability purposes by providing evidence for report card grading, educators can and should take advantage of the process to accomplish far more—classroom assessment can serve to promote student success.