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RTI in the Early Years: Intervention Strategies for Maths, Literacy, Behaviour and Fine-Motor Challenges

Author: Chris Weber

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ISBN: 9781743302620

No of Pages: 194

Publish date: 06/05/2013

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Prevention is the best intervention. An RTI system that includes collective responsibility, concentrated instruction and convergent assessment can transform schooling at all year levels, but such a system is rarely applied in the early years. Schools that implement RTI in the foundation year (prep, reception, etc) to year 3 can close the gap and prevent student learning difficulties from ever developing.

RTI in the Early Years: Intervention Strategies for Mathematics, Literacy, Behaviour and Fine-Motor Challenges addresses the importance of early prevention and intervention. Author Chris Weber shows educators how to use RTI-based supports in the early years by providing best practices in reading, writing and mathematics instruction that incorporate comprehensive sample standards and key research findings and policy recommendations. Teachers and other practitioners will also learn best practices for English learners and for supporting students' social, behavioural, language and fine-motor skills.

Readers will:

  • attain a comprehensive understanding of the RTI framework and the necessity to implement supports early on

  • learn strategies for identifying, intervening with and supporting students in years F-3, before RTI programs typically begin

  • understand how to design and implement a comprehensive system of support for all students

  • be able to anticipate predictable roadblocks to success

  • find additional resources, tools and extensive samples.