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Rubrics for Formative Assessment and Grading (Quick Reference Guide)

Author: Susan Brookhart

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ISBN: 9781760562199

No of Pages: 8

Publish date: 10/03/2017

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Rubrics are essential to help students learn how to learn
and, when used correctly, are strong tools that support and enhance classroom
instruction and student learning. But rubrics are often unclear and confusing
for students, providing few specifics on what learning is meant to take place.

In this quick reference guide, Susan M. Brookhart details
how to create and use rubrics to improve assessment and understanding in the
classroom. Brookhart identifies the two essential components that separate
rubrics from other assessment tools, provides steps to critically review
rubrics and answers frequently asked questions about how to use rubrics when
grading. She also outlines the differences between and uses of the four types
of rubrics.

Packed with information, sample rubrics and strategies for
student engagement, this full-colour, glossy guide is a great resource for any
educator who wants to more effectively incorporate rubrics into the classroom.

This quick reference guide is
designed to be used as a supplement for How to Create and Use Rubrics for Formative Assessment and Grading (112001), assisting you in applying the ideas
presented in the text to a classroom setting.

Number of Pages: 8