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Reading With Meaning, Second Edition: Teaching Comprehension in the Primary Years

Author: Debbie Miller

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ISBN: 9781760013769

No of Pages: 206

Publish date: 21/08/2015


In Reading with Meaning,
Debbie Miller shares her thinking about comprehension strategy instruction, the
gradual release of responsibility instructional model, and planning for student
engagement and independence.

Debbie chronicles a year in her own classroom, giving her own
vision of strategy instruction and intentional teaching and learning. Debbie
believes that every child deserves at least a full year of growth during each
classroom year and offers planning documents with matching assessments to
ensure that no child falls through the cracks. The book also provides a list of
titles that will engage and delight students, and current picture books for
reading aloud and strategy instruction. 

Just like thoughtful teachers everywhere, Debbie is always
thinking about ways to best meet the needs of the children sitting in front of
her. Reflecting on her professional experiences and judgement, her work in
classrooms and collaboration with colleagues, and the current research in the
field, this book showcases her newest, best thinking.