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Strategies That Work, Second Edition: Teaching Comprehension for Understanding and Engagement (eBook)

Author: Stephanie Harvey, Anne Goudvis

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Sine its publication in 2000, Strategies
That Work
has become an indispensable resource for teachers who want to
explicitly teacher thinking strategies so that students become engaged,
thoughtful, independent readers. In this revised and expanded edition, the
authors have added 20 completely new comprehension lessons, extending the scope
of the book and exploring the central role that activating background knowledge
plays in understanding. Another major addition is a section on content literacy
that describes how to apply comprehension strategies flexibly across the
curriculum. The new edition is organised around four sections:

  • Part
    I explains what comprehension is and how to teach it, including the principles
    that guide practice, a review of recent research and a new section on

  • Part
    II is organised by strategy and contains lessons and practices for teaching
    comprehension. At the end of each strategy chapter, the authors outline
    learning goals and ways to assess student’s learning. They share examples of
    student work along with assessment commentaries and offer suggestions for
    differentiating instruction.

  • Part
    III focuses on comprehension strategies, and includes chapters on social
    sciences and science reading, topic study research, textbook reading and the
    genre of test reading.

  • Part
    IV shows that kids need books they can sink their teeth into, and the updated
    appendixes recommend a rich diet of fiction and nonfiction, short text, kids’
    magazines, websites and journals that will assist teachers as they design and
    implement comprehension instruction.

Through its focus on instruction that is responsive to kids’
interests and learning needs, the first edition of Strategies That Work helped transform comprehension instruction for
teachers. For them, this new edition will be a welcome extension of that work.