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Accessible Algebra: 30 Modules to Promote Algebraic Reasoning, Grades 7-10

Author: Anne Collins, Steven R Benson

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ISBN: 9781760564155

No of Pages: 236

Publish date: 02/02/2018


Accessible Algebra is for any pre-algebra teacher who wants
to provide a rich and fulfilling experience to students as they develop new
ways of thinking through and about algebra.

Each of the thirty lessons in this book identifies and addresses a
focal domain and standard in algebra, then lays out the common misconceptions
and challenges students may face as they work to investigate and understand

Anne and Steve met with and listened to students in real
classrooms as the students explained what problem-solving strategies they were
using. The authors focused on questions and problems that led students to a
deeper understanding of algebra. They describe these classroom scenarios in
each lesson and also suggest ways teachers may assign a problem or activity,
include formative assessment strategies and group students.

Each lesson also includes sections on how to support struggling
students, as well as additional resources and readings.