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Teaching the Best Practice Way: Methods That Matter, K-12

Author: Harvey Daniels, Marilyn Bizar

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ISBN: 9781760566920

No of Pages: 358

Publish date: 29/10/2018

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Everyone talks about “best practice” teaching, but what does it
actually look like in the classroom? How do working teachers translate complex
curriculum standards into simple, workable classroom structures that embody exemplary
instruction and still let kids find joy in learning?

In Teaching the Best
Practice Way
, Harvey Daniels and Marilyn Bizar present seven basic teaching
structures that make classrooms more active, experiential, collaborative,
democratic and cognitive, while simultaneously meeting best practice standards
across learning areas and throughout the year levels. Each chapter begins with
an essay outlining one key method, providing its historical background and
research results, and then describing the structure’s vital features. Next,
several teachers representing different year levels and school communities
explain how they adopted the basic model, adapted it to their students’ needs
and made it their own.

Teaching the Best Practice Way fully updates and expands the authors’
earlier book, Methods That Matter. Stories
from twenty celebrated teachers from around the US – including James Beane,
Donna Ogle and Franki Sibberson – have been added, and a new chapter focuses on
reading-as-thinking. This chapter details the ways teacher can nurture
strategic readers – readers who not only deeply understand the printed materials
they encounter in school, but who also bring these cognitive strategies to
their “reading” of film, art, music and their experience of the world. The book
also shares new research studies that validate the principles and activities of
best practice teaching, along with lists of recommended materials that support
each of the seven methods.

Unique in the field, Teaching
the Best Practice Way
speaks to all teachers, F–12, with stories, examples
and practical classroom materials for teachers of all children. This is the book for teachers and schools that
believe the big ideas about teaching really do cross all year levels and
learning areas. Education professors will also find this an ideal resource for
use in methods courses.