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Powerful Book Introductions: Leading with Meaning for Deeper Thinking

Author: Kathleen Fay, Chrisie Moritz, Suzanne Whaley

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ISBN: 9781760568566

No of Pages: 196

Publish date: 16/12/2019

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Effective book introductions during guided reading set the stage for young readers to navigate new texts independently and successfully and often shape the outcome of small-group lessons. Many teachers grapple with what introductions might address, what to include and how to conduct them.  

In Powerful Book Introductions literacy leaders Kathleen Fay, Chrisie Moritz and Suzanne Whaley speak to these concerns by taking a close look at the purposeful planning that goes into preparing for this small but vital part of today’s guided reading lessons. 

Through relatable classroom examples and the wisdom of their shared teaching experiences, the authors show you how to: 

  • select texts for your small-group lessons specifically based on your students’ needs 

  • amplify meaning-making from the first moments of your guided reading book introductions and maintain this emphasis through discussion

  • introduce visual and structural information as a way to support your readers in meaning-making. 

No matter where you are in your understanding of guided reading, Powerful Book Introductions will help you as you learn to craft student-centered, meaning-driven book introductions that prepare your readers for success.