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Necessary Conditions: Teaching Secondary Math with Academic Safety, Quality Tasks, and Effective Facilitation

Author: Geoff Krall

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ISBN: 9781760569549

No of Pages: 358

Publish date: 12/12/2019

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Mathematics instruction is often something of a grab bag, with schools jumping from curriculum to curriculum, lacking a guiding vision or continuity between years. No wonder so many students conclude, "I’m not a maths person".

Geoff Krall thinks that’s a problem and he’s devoted his career to fixing it. Necessary Conditions posits for the first time a coherent approach to secondary mathematics pedagogy. Krall identifies three essential elements that will open the door to maths for all of your students: academic safety, quality tasks and effective facilitation.

The book discusses each of the three "necessary conditions" in-depth, giving concrete examples and describing the interplay among them. Krall’s guidance equips teachers to:

  • design classroom experiences that increase engagement and build all students’ identities as mathematicians

  • create dynamic, high-quality lessons that include meaningful, efficient assessment

  • implement structures, routines and facilitation that result in high-quality learning.

With Krall’s guidance, you can help every student come to recognise that they are indeed a "maths person".