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Creating and Protecting the Shared Foundation of a Professional Learning Community at Work (DVD/CD/Facilitator’s Guide)

Author: Mike Mattos, Richard DuFour, Rebecca DuFour, Tim Brown

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ISBN: 9781760561482

No of Pages: 56

Publish date: 05/06/2017

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The best way to implement the professional
learning community (PLC) process is to develop the solid foundation necessary
to support it. The foundation rests on four pillars: (1) mission, (2) vision, (3)
values and (4) goals. The ultimate success of a school’s or district’s PLC
implementation depends largely on the staff considering and building consensus
around its response to key questions the pillars pose.

In this 47-minute video, Rebecca DuFour and Richard DuFour
first examine the four pillars. Then, Richard DuFour, Rebecca DuFour, Tim Brown
and Mike Mattos role-play members of a collaborative team (a principal and
teachers) discussing grading practices and exploring the implementation of the
foundational questions that support a PLC. 

The eight segments in this workshop include:

  1. Welcome and Opening

  2. The Mission Pillar: Establishing a mission for your school

  3. The Vision Pillar: Establishing a vision statement for your school

  4. The Values Pillar: Establishing a values statement (collective
    commitments) for your school

  5. The Goals Pillar: Establishing goals for your school

  6. Clarifying your current reality pertaining to the PLC foundation

  7. Aligning practices and processes with the PLC foundation

  8. Addressing discrepancies between actual practice and the pledges
    of the foundation and Closing

F–12 leaders and administrators can view Creating and Protecting
the Shared Foundation of a Professional Learning Community at Work
independently or use it with the Facilitator’s Guide to provide one full-day or
two half-day workshops. It includes one DVD, 47 minutes in length, and a
56-page Facilitator’s guide in print and on CD.