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The Five Disciplines of PLC Leaders

Author: Timothy Kanold

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ISBN: 9781742391861

No of Pages: 215

Publish date: 12/09/2011

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Just as it takes discipline to successfully run a marathon or to master a musical instrument, effective leadership in a professional learning community (PLC) requires practice, patience and skill. In The Five Disciplines of PLC Leaders, Timothy D Kanold provides a complete, focused system for developing PLC leadership. By engaging with and pursuing the five core disciplines of PLC leadership, readers will:

  • Clarify their own vision for the PLC and align daily practices with their goals

  • Develop the skills to balance competing priorities and forge common purpose among diverse stakeholders

  • Learn how to foster networks of commitment within the community

  • Discover strategies for cultivating individual and team autonomy within a culture of accountability and high expectations

This is not a book to skim. It is a book that will require you to think, to reflect deeply on the questions that all PLC leaders must answer, to confront the brutal facts of your own leadership, and ultimately to develop new skills and knowledge vital to your success and the success of your school or district. It is a book that you will return to over and over again to explore its wisdom and advice.