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Developing Expert Teachers DVD

Author: Robert Marzano

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ISBN: 9781742391984

Publish date: 14/09/2011

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In this two-part presentation, Robert J Marzano provides a blueprint detailing how schools can develop teacher expertise. Addressing teachers directly as well as school leaders, he charts research-based techniques to organise strategies through lesson segments using a nine-segment framework. The segments are sorted into three categories:

  • Segments involving routine events

  • Segments involving academic content

  • Segments involving issues that must be addressed as they occur

Using personal anecdotes, Dr Marzano explains techniques for teachers and school leaders in a thoughtful and engaging presentation.

This package includes a DVD with the video session and a CD with materials to support team or individual professional learning, including the presenter's PowerPoint, an excerpt from the book On Excellence in Teaching and relevant web links.