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Backward Design DVD

Author: Jay McTighe

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ISBN: 9781742392004

Publish date: 25/10/2011

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In this keynote session (from the 13 October 2010, On Excellence in Teaching Summit), Jay McTighe helps participants to understand the three stages of backward design:

  1. Identify desired results.

  2. Determine acceptable evidence.

  3. Plan learning experiences and instruction.

In the backward design framework, the ideas of teaching and assessing for understanding are woven into the process of curriculum design. In this framework, the goal is to help learners understand the content identified in standards, using the textbook as a resource, not as a syllabus.

This package includes a 60 minute DVD with the video and a CD with materials to support team or individual professional learning, including the presenter's PowerPoint, an excerpt from the book On Excellence in Teaching and relevant web links.