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Making Classrooms Assessments Reliable and Valid

Author: Robert Marzano

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ISBN: 9781760562113

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Publish date: 01/08/2017

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Making Classroom Assessments
Reliable and Valid
asserts the importance for classroom assessment to be the primary
method of formally measuring student learning, supplanting large-scale
assessments. Robert J. Marzano highlights the benefits of classroom assessments
in reporting students’ ongoing learning, and the need for them to be reliable
and valid.

This comprehensive resource shows F–12 teachers and
administrators why and how to make them just that – using new paradigms to
ensure the measurement is an accurate and trustworthy interpretation of student

F–12 teachers and administrators will explore

  • the history of large-scale

  • the importance of and future
    role of classroom assessment

  • traditional and new paradigms
    of reliability and validity

  • tools for measuring students’
    individual and comparative growth

  • formulas to create reliable and
    valid classroom assessments.